My first national piece…

I am humbled and thrilled to be published by Yes! Magazine. Originally, I queried a story appealing to my dissertation work–a story on Rock Creek, the urban wild space that has captured my imagination, fueling a look at why natural urban spaces are often overlooked and neglected. Rock Creek is a gem, and the article I’ve completed for Yes! will appear in the summer 2016 issue. I am proud of it–it accurately portrays the Rock Creek story, and connects to other such marginalized spaces in the nation. It also calls for personal action, asking citizens to begin looking at these spaces and how they live their lives around them.

The editors contacted me and asked if I had printed a little piece I sent as a writing example, one I had written about a neighborhood soup night. Yes! published it to their website several weeks ago, and apparently, the piece resonated, as I have received emails and the comment thread on the Yes! Facebook site is rich with people’s responses about doing similar things in their own neighborhoods or finding inspiration to initiate such an event. I am so grateful.  How sweet it is to have this piece published in the perfect magazine and to receive such surprising, affirming response.

I supply a link to the piece here. Perhaps it will provide some gentle encouragement to connect with your own community.

A Neighborhood Revolution in a Pot of Soup