a token

Anybody can send flowers. A call to FTD is quick, painless, and delivers an immediate payoff.

Chocolate. Flowers. Cards. Appropriate tokens of affection, all.  I recognize and even respect their place  as “manifestations of desire/affection.”  In fact, a perky daisy rarely disappoints.

But a well-made and useful tool?  A tool that took some time to locate? Now you’re talking…

Perhaps one wouldn’t commonly place a tack hammer at the top of their list of romantic, thoughtful gifts. Perhaps my relationship isn’t common.

Of this I am certain, my new tack hammer is undisputedly elegant. The slender wooden handle peeks out from the top of the brushed metal head, also long and sleek. Did I mention one side of the brushed metal head is magnetic? To hold the tack, silly.  The concept of this hammer (and its clever magnetism) is new to me.  I recently bumbled comically in an attempt to tack small nails to my garage.  I was shrink-wrapping the garage wall in an ocean mural, of course, in an effort to comply with 7-year-old birthday party theme desires.

He noticed the fumbling, the dropped nails.

He, too, fumbled with my big, fat, herculean hammer, engineered for more weighty work.

His mother had a tack hammer. Therefore, a gift.

Keep the daisies.  My beautiful tack hammer rocks.


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