Ran over to my daughter’s elementary school today to share some stale chicken nuggets and tots.  All the compartments on my plastic lunch tray were filled, ladled or handed out by plastic-gloved lunch ladies. The company was stellar, and it was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.  While there with Em, I was surrounded by a group of little boys (all six) who couldn’t read the grown up words in their fortune cookies.They asked for some assistance.

Example: “You will be visited by an absent relative who will leave you financially improved.”

My translation: “A relative is going to come visit and bring money!” 🙂

Example #2: “Responsibility is inevitiable.  There is no way to run from it.”

My translation: “You still need to do your chores and do your homework.” 😦

Emma seemed surprisingly oblivious to my presence, like it was normal for her mom to be sitting across the cafeteria table, dipping my nuggets in ranch dressing and chatting about how an apple’s redness is an indicator of its sweetness (a theory put forth by the boy next to me).

I loved being privy to her very girly conversation with her pal Kylie and to see their comraderie and friendship, forged early in preschool.  They would often put foreheads together during their chatter, a visual reflection of their sweet connection.


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