Red in the morning…

I can remember my grandfather muttering the phrase… “Red in the morning, sailor’s take warning; red at night, sailor’s delight.”  It got filed away in the hardwire of my brain, somewhere in-between the need to keep my car’s oil level full, tipping my waitress well, and always returning my shopping cart, regardless of the weather.  I just never remember NOT knowing it.

This particular morning it was Em who noticed the flaming sky outside our french doors as we breakfasted, and it really was spectacular, I’ll give her that.  We both stopped eating and just stared, transfixed for a silent moment. The sky put on a show that was unusual, almost surreal in its intensity.

Not long after this brief photo session, Em stepped outside and remarked on the return of blue, how if we hadn’t been looking, we would have missed it.

I guess life’s like that.


1 thought on “Red in the morning…”

  1. Wow! So intense! It’s hard to imagine blue returning quickly after this biblical sky! Great capture! It’s like 5 exclamation points!


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