And Baby Makes Three

Sometimes life hands us beautiful moments.

My friends Heather and Jen are expecting, and in case you can’t tell by the photo, they are ECSTATIC. Baby Elia will arrive this month, and I was asked to take some photographs to commemorate “BE” (Before Elia). I was excited and a bit nervous about the request, frankly. A relative newcomer to digital photography, I have had fun playing around with my new Nikon, but these were photographs that COUNTED, that held WEIGHT, right?

I needn’t have worried.

True beauty doesn’t require the perfect lens, light, angle, or shutter speed.

It just is.

There were several times while shooting these gorgeous humans (all three), when I found myself fighting back tears.
Their joy was just so inescapably palpable. It was contagious…like an overheard, infectious giggle. What a lucky kid. Her room is ready in rich creams and browns, munchkin shoes and outfits wait patiently in the closet, and her name in wooden letters adorns a small shelf.

Welcome, Elia.
Your mommies are so ready to meet you.

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