Embracing the Mystery; Living the Question

Horoscopes often make me laugh, but Rob Breszny sometimes speaks my language…a bit of mysticism, a bit of far-fetched woo-woo…ALWAYS upbeat. Today’s seemed to somehow hit home:

“If we wish to outline an architecture that conforms to the structure of our soul,” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, “it would have to be conceived in the image of the labyrinth.” I take this to mean that clarity, assuredness, and single-mindedness are luxuries the ego may indulge in, but they are not the natural state of our deepest selves. Rather, at our cores, in the essential primal source that sustains us, we are complicated and meandering . . . mysterious and exploratory . . .curious and questioning. In other words, it’s perfectly healthy to be in a labyrinthine state of mind.

Thanks, Rob.
So nice to know that it’s alright to not know.


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