School Supplies

My kindergartner began school this week…a feat she has been preparing for since she was about three. In other words, she was ready.

What I found interesting wasn’t her understandable enthusiasm for this rite of passage into our public school system, but how much I was prepared to see it happen. I wasn’t sad. In fact, the entire week has been celebratory. Seeing my sweet girl sling a backpack over her shoulders with confidence and hearing her speak of new friends with new names and wax poetic on the virtues of cold lunch over hot lunch and exclaim about the length of a cafeteria table and express pride at being a teacher’s helper and negotiate the finer points of “tennis shoe Tuesday” was, well, fantastic really.


She’s doing it.
Right before my eyes.

It won’t always be this easy, I realize. The benevolent kindergarten teacher will make way for outcomes testing and future challenges, surely. But pishaw on what’s to come. For now, erasers and sharpened pencils hold promise and magic, and that is enough.

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