Bath toys are cool

A trusted friend of mine often reminds me to have fun and not take life so seriously. She does this in a multitude of ways, like sending me tiaras on my birthday and then telling me I should wear them whenever I feel the need. Not surprisingly, she is a purveyor of all things creative, colorful, wonderful. I am far richer for having her in my life. On a recent visit, I was reminded, after viewing her extensive collection, of how much joy one can have with wind-up toys in the bath.

Why did I forget this?

Hunting down and buying motorized bath toys in various forms is one of my favorite activities that I do for this friend. They appear in some of the strangest places–hardware stores, tanning salons, coffee shops…one just never knows. Some of my finds have included the proverbial fish and dolphins but hands down, the best character with a knob has been Surfergirl. Surfergirl has a twin who lives with me, and she outsizes everyone else in the tub when it comes to racing and braving the suds. She has her moments of capsizing (who doesn’t?) but she always manages to right herself and continue on unscathed, blazing her bubble trail toward open bath water.

It was my five-year-old who remembered our daredevil vixen the other evening and exuberantly plopped her into my bath for company. You know, it WAS more fun to take a bath with her.

Bath toys that propel.


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