Homage to adobo peppers

In addition to loving the leaves, I love running in the fall. There is something about the smells, the pumpkins on porches, the frost on the ground, the way you can see your breath…

So, my friend Kim and I enjoyed a crisp fall run this morning–the act alone worthy of a blog entry. However, when we returned to her home, my beautiful friend insisted on making me breakfast.

Adobo peppers+ scrambled eggs+avacado+black beans = a little piece of heaven.

The adobo added a smoky flavor that made the eggs stand up on my plate and cha-cha…if they had been a movie, they would have been Amelie–vibrant and saturated with flavor. Unchartered territory was discovered this morning.

I vow to continue my newly discovered love of adobo peppers by seeking out a jar for myself and using them in new and creative ways. I may decide to use them as cologne.


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