First attempt

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time… You know, the way you think about anything creative. I put it on the back burner for “after” other things that were more important. “After” I read my essays; “after” the semester ends; “after” the weekend…

And so it goes.

But here I am.

My friend Jan and I talk a lot about happiness. It’s always on our minds and consequently, it comes up in our conversation often. On good days, days we feel like happiness is abundant, we open up little jars in our office and attempt to fill them up with the good vibes for later. We want to hang onto the feeling.

This happiness idea has led me to traipsing a bit down the philosophical trail, and I have decided that it is virtually impossible to be unhappy when you are experiencing gratitude. Gratitude is where it’s at. This isn’t a really new idea, either, and I must give credit for much of that connection to my amazing friend Don from Corvallis.

Just try it sometime. Try to be a grump, try to be morose, try to be a curmudgeon when you are grateful…and I mean grateful for anything.

Today, I am grateful for the first autumn leaves that are gracefully falling to the ground. The poet Mary Oliver would say that those leaves really want to be on the ground–they want movement, to show off their impressive saffron and cinnamon color, perhaps. Anyway, I love autumn and I love leaves–watching them fall, seeing them change color, kicking them as I walk through a heap.

It’s October first–let the leaves fall.


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